Choosing a Standing Desk

13 June 2022

Choosing a Standing Desk

Healthy Workspace specialise in standing desks and ergonomic accessories designed for maximum productivity. With more and more people working from their homes in addition to continuing to work in the office, we’re committed to helping our customers get great posture, regardless of the type of work they undertake.

Remember, it isn’t just about the standing, it’s also important to get the right desk for sitting!

Below, we discuss how you can select the best standing desk for you.

Choosing a standing desk

Standing DESK Varieties Explained!


Also known as L-shaped desks or radial desks. If you want a lot of surface area to spread out on while you work, this is exactly what you get with a corner standing desk. Our corner standing desks maximise the volume of work that you can achieve.

Corner desks are also well-suited to those who work with more than just a small laptop and pad. With so much space available to you, you can fit two or three monitors on the desktop, as well as having enough room for files and other work-related items including printers!

They are also ideal if you don’t have lots of IT equipment but appreciate a larger surface area that a corner standing desk offers. Where some people claim that they work more effectively with all their clutter around them, others say their best work is done when they have plenty of space.

Corner desks are straightforward to position in any room. If there’s an empty corner 90-degree angle, your desk can be easily erected there. If you prefer to face the room instead of the wall or window, a corner standing desk can easily be positioned with one end against a wall and the other end open, creating a cubicle within your desk’s area. A corner desk can even be positioned in the middle of the room in clusters of 4 or less, giving the opportunity for collaboration with colleagues and co-workers.



If a corner desk is not the best option for you, then a regular-shaped rectangular standing desk will work in almost any room. Its wide range of sizes will allow you to place your work in front of you with still a generous amount of space left for everything else you’d need on a desk.


Regular standing desks can be positioned anywhere and used in many ways. Whether you like having the view outside your window or would prefer facing the room to receive visitors without having to leave your work area, a regular-standing desk is flexible.

The interior of your office is also an important consideration when selecting the appropriate standing desk. Whether you would prefer a rustic finish with a dark woodgrain, or a more modern and minimalist look with muted colours and whites, our standing desks come in enough different designs and decors to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any office or home.



There are many of good reasons why more and more people are choosing a standing desk from Healthy Workspace, whether home user or users in the workplace.


Standing helps you burn more calories

One of the biggest issues we face with working behind a desk all day is lack of activity. The lack of movement as you sit for hours on end can and will have a large negative impact on your health. Sitting down uses a maximum of 80 calories per hour, whereas working while you are standing up helps you to increase that figure by 10% up to 88 calories per hour. It may only seem like a small increase, but it certainly adds up when taken from a monthly perspective!


Standing helps you stay on your toes (literally!)

It is easy to find yourself losing focus or getting tired when sitting down for extended periods. Even if you are determined to sit up straight, it’s really hard to stop yourself relaxing back into a position of bad posture over time, which will heavily impact your wellbeing.

With an adjustable height standing desk, you are able to adjust your desk’s height if you start to lose that focus and get back on track in seconds.


Standing reduces back pain

Your body is designed to move and was never intended to stay in sedentary for hours at a time. Especially if you have poor posture or pre-existing adverse health conditions, staying sedentary and seated can leave you with lower back and neck pain – or worse – that will most likely deteriorate over time.

Standing desks that are height adjustable can help to improve your blood circulation around the body and ease any back and neck pain. The US health protection agency, commonly known as the CDC, states that standing desks with height adjustable features can reduce your neck and back pain by up to 54% in just a matter of weeks.


Standing desks lessen the feeling of stress

Your stress level can easily escalate quickly, especially when you have deadlines to meet. Moving to a standing position if you begin to feel stressed can relieve the pressure in seconds.

Through the day your muscles get tired, and your stress levels also naturally increase. When you stand up, you also improve flow of blood around the muscles, allowing you to subconsciously manage any efficiently.


Here at Healthy Workspace, our aim is for you to experience increased comfort and be more productive when you are working. Browse our huge range of height adjustable standing desks online and feel the difference from tomorrow, with free next day delivery!


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What is the point of a standing desk?

As well as several health benefits, research shows that investing in a height adjustable standing desk can and in most cases will increase productivity. A study involving the employees of a call centre found that those with standing desks were on average 45% more productive than those who remained seated during their shift.


Is a standing desk healthy?

Benefits to standing over sitting for extended periods include reduced lower back pain and lessened risk of fatigue, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and coronary disease. The use of a well accessorised standing desk additionally burns more calories than if the user was sitting static all day; and another study found that there was a reduction in blood sugar spikes in people who used standing desks frequently.


How tall should a standing desk go?

Ideally, your height adjustable desk should be set with the desktop at about elbow height. Check whether your desk is at an optimal ergonomic position by ensuring that your elbows are in a 90-degree position from the floor, and forearms parallel to the floor. To give you a rough indication, a person whose overall height is 5’11” (180cm) would be expected to set their desk to a height of around 110cm.  As some users have longer back and legs than others, it is essential that each user works this out for themselves using the advice above, as two people of 6’ could actually need the desk adjusted 15cm different to the other!


How long should you be standing at a standing desk?

The most beneficial ratio it sitting to standing is to spend an hour standing for every one to two hours of sitting. A height adjustable standing table allows you to alternate positions quickly and effortlessly. Good quality electric standing desks incorporate functional controls or memory settings, making it easier for workers to modify and adjust their desk’s height multiple times per day.


Why are standing desks so important?

Studies have linked sitting down for prolonged periods to multiple health problems, even for people who are deemed to be fit and exercise frequently. Using a height adjustable standing desk enables the user to switch easily between sitting and standing, raising your workspace high enough to work while in an upright standing position.


How long does it take to get used to a standing desk?

At first, you may experience a slight level of discomfort while standing at a height adjustable standing desk for extensive periods. However, this isn’t necessarily down to physical discomfort but usually because your body has adapted to associate working with sitting. It’s generally reported to take around two weeks of consistent on-and-off use for the average user to get used to standing for several hours or more during the workday.


How are height adjustable standing desks good for lower back pain?

There are many proven benefits to working at a standing workstation in terms of reducing the risk of back pain. Standing desks can hardly fail to help improve posture, thus enhancing blood flow around the body. However, it is not a cure for more serious pre-existing conditions, such as scoliosis or a bulging disc, and if you have these conditions then Healthy Workspace highly recommend speaking to a specialist before committing to any ergonomic furniture.


Can standing desks increase productivity?

The short answer is yes. – there’s research that supports the benefits of height-adjustable standing desks for the reduction of fatigue amongst its users and boosting their productivity. The study showed that subjects who shifted from a relatively sedentary work lifestyle to standing more often resulted in increased engagement at work and resulting in users experiencing fewer musculoskeletal problems.


What are the primary benefits of a standing desk?

Using a standing desk brings several benefits to the table. These include:

  • Reduced risk gaining weight.
  • Reduced risk of developing diabetes.
  • Lower risk of coronary disease.
  • Reduction or elimination of back pain.
  • Enhanced mood and increased energy levels.
  • Improved productivity and output.


What makes standing desks so popular?

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular in both the home and workplace because of their versatility. They allow you to quickly and efficiently alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. The range in height adjustment can also be paramount in facilitating the needs of a diverse workforce, as the complete workstation can be rapidly adapted for people with health conditions, personal needs and wheelchair users.


The Health Benefits of Standing Desks

It is obvious to most that sit-stand desks have seen a spike in popularity in the workplace. As the name suggests, this wonderful piece of equipment does just that: it allows you to switch between sitting and standing (or any position between!) while working in comfort. These are some of the benefits:

  • Can give improvements in mood and productivity/output levels.
  • Can lower the risk of obesity and inadvertent weight gain.
  • Can lower the risk of developing heart problems or coronary disease.
  • Can lower blood sugar levels.
  • Can Reduce discomfort and pain in the neck, back and joints
  • Can help to positively manage stress levels.
  • Can help increase life expectancy.

Investing in the health of yourself or your co-workers and employees at work is becoming increasingly important, especially as many more people are deciding that they can now work from home on a regular or permanent basis. The right office and desk setup is key to that; and if you’re buying new accessories or furniture, you should ensure that you’re investing in a brand that is dependable, tested and trusted for its quality. Healthy Workspace specialise in designing and manufacturing height-adjustable standing desks with highly adjustable frame components to cater for any user needs, wishes and requirements.


Standing Desks: What You Need to Know.

Miniscule changes to your habits and routine can have significant effects in improving your health and wellbeing. One simple change you can make is by using a compact height adjustable desk as your workstation. Research shows that sitting for prolonged periods can cause health complaints, including obesity and metabolic syndrome – and a cluster of conditions and ailments that include high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, excessive body fat percentage, and abnormal cholesterol levels.

A sit-to-standing workstation will be sure to help reduce those risks. The factors to consider alongside this are your posture; the height of your desktop; the heigh and level of the monitor or screen; your keyboard and mouse choice and position; and considerate placement of other essential items you keep on your work surface and use routinely. Optimising your desk/space setup in all of these little ways will have a positive long-term effect on your life.


The best way to use a height adjustable standing desk

One of the most common misconceptions people have about an electric standing desk is that these eliminate sitting down at work. However, as we know that standing all day is as bad as sitting all day, then a standing desk will help you do both for maximum health benefit. Alternating regularly between the standing and sitting can bring health benefits if you do it intelligently. Here is what you need to do when making the transition:

  • Always remember that prolonged standing can be just as dangerous as prolonged sitting.
  • Build up your stamina gradually by standing in ten to 15-minute increments before rushing into standing for an hour at a time.
  • Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to stand up periodically.
  • Standing is just a start; adding in movement and stretches will maximise the benefits of a standing desk.
  • Work in some yoga poses as a way of switching up your routine to decrease tension in the neck, shoulders, back, and legs.
  • Remember posture, posture, posture!
  • Create a 90-degree angle with the elbows, with forearms parallel to the ground.

People spend a massive amount of their lives at work or working. But mostly, working is not the main cause of long-term illness. In fact, it’s down to posture and how the work is carried out. Products such as the best standing desk from Healthy Workspace can help. Visit Healthy Workspace homepage to learn more about our huge range of standing desks today.